General services

  • Reception 24 hours
  • Washer and dryer
  • Luggage room
  • Common area, kitchen-dining –TV room
  • Yard, Internet Corner
  • WIFI access throughout the hostel
  • Free sheets and blankets (no deposit)
  • Free towels (no deposit)
  • Padlocks (deposit of 5 €)
  • Air conditioning and heated floors.
  • Continental Breakfast (€4/pax)
  • Full or half board:
    Only for groups on demand

Other services

  • Tapas tour
  • Sunset Tour
  • Mojitos nights
  • Sangria nights
  • Bike Tour
  • Free tour in Albaicín and Sacromonte
  • Pub Crawl (Pubs guided tour)

Hostel services

  • 24 hour reception
  • Washer and dryer: 3 € + 2 € drying washing (detergent free).10 to 22h. (All day)
  • Luggage room: free (can be used give the date of entry until departure at 23h.)
  • Common area kitchen-dining-room located downstairs TV (max. 20)
  • Reely available to the client: Coffee, tea and chocolate milk, pasta and rice, various spices and oil.
  • Common Area Patio-Internet Corner is located on the ground floor (capacity max. 60)
  • WiFi access throughout the hostel
  • We have Wii


  • Continental Breakfast (4 € per person): From Monday to Sunday from 8: 00h to 11: 00h. (Coffee and / or tea, chocolate milk, milk, toast with butter and jam, natural cereals and chocolate, ham, cheese, yogurts, cheeses, pâté, bread, fruit, tomatoes, muffins and 3 types of juice)
  • Full or middle alimony: Only for groups on demand.
  • Vending machine (drinks): 1 € / drink
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